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Sunbaby Trainer "Black Skull"

Sunbaby Trainer "Black Skull"

  • $ 600

Choose insert type (Please note: If no insert is selected, diaper will be shipped without an insert):

  • 100% Cotton Flour Sack Towel - $ 1.25 (details)
  • 3-layer Microfiber Insert - $ 1.25 (details)
  • 4-layer Bamboo Cotton Insert - $ 3.25 (details)
  • 4-layer NEWBORN Bamboo Blend Insert - $ 2.00 (details)
  • 4-layer NEWBORN Charcoal Blend Insert - $ 2.25 (details)
  • 4-layer NEWBORN Hemp Insert - $ 2.50 (details)
  • 5-layer Bamboo Blend Insert - $ 2.50 (details)
  • 5-layer Charcoal Bamboo Insert - $ 2.75 (details)
  • 6-layer 100% Bamboo Insert - $ 4.25 (details)

Sunbaby trainers are a great potty training middle step. They have snaps on the hips as well as elastic on the front and back, which allows them to be 'pull up style' so little tots can gain some independence. They are 'pocket style' and DO require INSERTS.

Sunbaby trainers fit roughly 20-45 pounds. Outer waterproof layer of PUL, a soft inner microfleece, and white snaps. Rise snaps on the front of the pocket allow it to be adjusted to fit your baby as they grow.

Sunbaby trainers are machine washable and can be dried in a regular dryer.

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