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Happy Flute Flap AIO "Cats on Grey"

Happy Flute Flap AIO "Cats on Grey"

  • $ 1000

Choose insert type (Please note: If no insert is selected, diaper will be shipped without an insert):

  • 100% Cotton Flour Sack Towel - $ 1.25 (details)
  • 4-layer Bamboo Cotton Insert - $ 3.25 (details)
  • 4-layer NEWBORN Charcoal Blend Insert - $ 2.25 (details)
  • 5-layer Gusset Charcoal Bamboo Insert - $ 2.75 (details)

Happy Flute's flap all in ones have petal style flaps that sewn in to the diaper on one side. These inserts lay in the diaper, eliminating the need for stuffing! Rise snaps on the front allow the diaper to be adjusted to small, medium, or large. These are 'one size' diapers and fit roughly 8-35 pounds.

These AIO have a PUL waterproof outer layer.

One insert is 3 layers of soft bamboo cotton. 

One insert is 2 layers of soft bamboo cotton, topped with 1 layer of microsuede material.

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