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Fluffy Penguin Basic All in One "Lavender"

Fluffy Penguin Basic All in One "Lavender"

  • $ 950

These all in ones are manufactured by Alva.

All in one diapers are an easy and affordable way to cloth diaper your baby.

Each diaper is made from an outer layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate), which is a waterproof outer layer to keep your child's clothes dry. The inside layer is microsuede, a breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from your child's skin. 

A 5-layer bamboo blend is sewn in - no need to stuff! However, if your baby needs more absorbency, there is a pocket and room for extra inserts.

The extra snaps allow one diaper to be small, medium, or large. Just snap the "rise" snaps on the front up or down depending on how the diaper needs to fit your child. Snaps at the waist and hips can also be adjusted as needed.

AIOs are machine washable and can be put in a regular dryer.


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