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Tax Free Details


Ohio's tax-free weekend is this weekend, starting Friday 8/3 and going until Sunday at 11:59pm 8/5.

Who may be affected?
- Anyone purchasing from The Fluffy Penguin with addresses in OHIO only.

What is it? 
- For this weekend, Ohio sales tax will NOT be collected for specific items on our site!

What's included: 
- All cloth diapers (including one-size, newborn, swim diapers, trainers, and 'big baby' diapers) and inserts.
- All clothing (rompers, outfits, t-shirts, busha pants, harem outfits, hoodie outfits, etc)
- Bandana bibs and long-sleeve PUL bibs/aprons
- Muslin blankets

- Cloth pads, nursing pads
- Wetbags, diaper pods, hanging wetbags, travel wetbags, any storage bags
- Dryer balls
- Dishware (Re-play, silicone plates, etc)
- Diaper bags
- Piggy Paint and other bits and bobs like that we carry

When is it:
- Starts on Friday, August 3, 2018 at 12:00 a.m. and ends on Sunday, August 5, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

How it works: 
- Items that are included in the program will not trigger our shopping cart's sales taxes to calculate.

IF YOU MIX sales tax exempt items with sales tax required items, you will see taxes added.
If you DO NOT MIX and purchase only what is on the sales tax exempt list, you should NOT see sales tax added to your order.

If you believe you were mistakenly charged sales tax, please email to alert us so we can refund you any taxes mistakenly paid. We will also be reviewing every Ohio order to make sure no taxes were mistakenly charged.

If you are NOT in Ohio, you will not see anything different. We currently ONLY charge sales taxes for Ohio residences.