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Safety Information

As a small mom run business safety is extremely important to us. Everything we sell has been 3rd party tested for safety, and assessed by our own in house QA mini-minion penguins to ensure it can handle the everyday crap that gets thrown at them before it ever gets sold to our customers.

We follow CPSC standards for children's items, including:

- Testing for lead in metal, plastic, vinyl, and PUL as required
- Testing for pthalates in items that require pthalate testing
- Testing for flammability standards in items that require flammability testing

All our tests are conducted in a third party lab out of Georgia. We test at our own expense to make sure there is no bias and we re-test yearly to make sure nothing has changed. 

Our Public Statement of Compliance can be found here (in PDF form).

Any questions or concerns can be emailed to our safety manager at