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Monthly Fluff Club - Sign up!

Want surprise fluff automatically delivered to your door once a month? 

Then this is the club for you!

Every month, The Fluffy Penguin will send you a new diaper to add to your stash! These diapers are unreleased, NEW prints that nobody else has seen yet!

Each package includes a one-size pocket diaper, cover, or AIO and high quality diaper insert. You can choose 'boy' or 'girl'. We do not currently have a gender neutral option, sorry.

The price for single subscriptions are only $12 per month for pockets, $11 per month for covers, and $13 per month for all-in-ones. If you would like both the boy AND the girl versions, use our 'both' subscription for a discount ($22 for pockets, $20 for covers, $24 for AIOs)! Payments are automatically charged to your credit card before your shipment goes out and shipping is free!

Please note that we ship Monthly Fluff once a week, so there may be up to a 7 day delay after your payment is charged.

Need more info? Click here for our FAQ on the Monthly Fluff club. 

Want to see past months? Click here!