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Monthly Fluff Club - FAQ


What is it?

The monthly fluff club is a fun way to add to your diaper stash without breaking the bank. Choose to purchase one month at a time, or subscribe so each month you are automatically sent one Fluffy Penguin brand diaper in a print that has never been sold before, as well as a high-quality insert (for pocket and cover options) with FREE Shipping!

Do you offer it for covers, newborn size, trainers, or AIOs?

At this time, we offer our monthly fluff in one-size pockets, one-size AIO, and one-size covers!

How much is it?

The price is only $14 per month for pockets, $13 per month for covers, and $14.50 per month for all-in-ones for our 'boy' or 'girl' plans. Subscribe to both for even more savings! Shipping is FREE!

Do you offer monthly fluff to Canada or international?

We do not currently offer the monthly fluff shipped to Canada or other countries due to the high cost of international postage.

How do payments work?

One-time purchases: Add the subscription to your cart and check out as usual!

Subscriptions: Choose the subscribe option! Your first payment will be processed immediately when you sign up. After that, payments will be processed automatically on the same day every month. For example, if you sign up on June 20th, your next payment will be automatically charged to your credit card on July 20th.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time by logging in to your Fluffy Penguin website account and hitting "Manage Subscriptions" on your account page. There are no contracts or penalties for cancelling (though we would be sad to see you go!)

Can I skip a month?

Absolutely! Just log in to your account on the Fluffy Penguin website and hit "Manage Subscriptions". Then hit "Delivery Schedule" and click skip for the month you would like to skip!

Can I change the date I am charged?

Yes! Just log in to your account on the Fluffy Penguin website and hit "Manage Subscriptions". Then hit "Subscriptions" on the left, find the one you'd like to edit, and click "Edit". Then select "Change Next Charge Date".

Why is there no gender neutral option?

We have total creative control over the prints that go out, so we decided to limit the choices to "boy" and "girl" solely for streamlining, or pick both! Almost all the prints we have lined up for the "boy" version could easily be considered gender neutral.

Can I switch from one subscription to another?

Absolutely! Just log in to your Fluffy Penguin account and hit "Manage Subscriptions". Hit "Add Product" and choose which plan you would like to switch to. Select the options you'd like (pocket, cover, or AIO) and your shipping address and hit "Add Product" to complete the sign up. Then cancel the incorrect subscription!

Can I subscribe to both "boy" and "girl" at the same time?

Yes! We have a 'both' option for a discount. That will sign you up for both the boy and girl diaper, plus one high quality insert for each diaper (pocket or covers).

What do you mean by "print that has never been sold before"?

Exactly that! The prints that are sent in the monthly fluff shipments are brand new. They have never been on the website for sale and are not offered by companies like Alva or Happy Flute. They are made specifically for subscribers!

What if I don't want to subscribe? How can I get these prints?

Prints included in the subscription shipments will be available to purchase (in very limited quantities!) the month after they go to subscribers. For example, prints from the June subscription package will be available for direct purchase off the website in July. However, this is only while supplies last!

Can I subscribe with Paypal? Who processes the credit card payments?

Unfortunately we cannot currently accept Paypal for subscriptions. A well known and trusted credit card company called Stripe processes all credit card transactions.

Do you accept returns on subscription packages?

Yes, we do. Please contact us at if you wish to return a subscription item.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us! Otherwise, if you're ready to sign up, click here.

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