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How Pre-orders Work

Pre-orders work by giving group members discounted rates, in exchange for pre-payment. The items are then ordered from the supplier and arrive normally 2-3 weeks later if they are not custom, and 6-8 weeks later for custom orders.
This has a ton of advantages for both Fluffy Penguin and you! First off, you get better prices, access to items that may not be regularly stocked on the website, and the ability to choose exactly what style/prints you want instead of taking your chances once they’re stocked.
For me, pre-orders help me get in exactly what my customers want, and also help me figure out what is in demand so I can try to stock those items in the future.
Pre-orders at TFP are flat prices + shipping. There are no 'co-op fees' or 'paypal fees' tacked on. Duty fees are paid by the business and NOT the responsibility of the buyers (unlike in most ‘co-ops’).
How does it work?
1. A post will be made with a preview of what is available, information such as the date estimated to arrive and last day to order, and links that will take you to our website to put in your order.
2. Go through the items on the website and add whatever you would like to order to your cart, just like a regular order. If you add items that are not part of the pre-order, nothing will ship until the pre-order comes in.
3. Shipping is calculated by weight at checkout for your entire order automatically. No weird shipping invoice later, you pay everything up front.
4. Check out like normal. Please do NOT select “Free Shipping”, it does NOT apply to pre-orders.
5. You then have the option of paying by major credit cards or PayPal. Orders made this way through paypal are still eligible for Paypal's protection policies. Payment is due at checkout.
6. You will receive an email confirmation of your order. When your order ships, you will automatically receive an email confirmation of shipping with your tracking information. If you opted in to Messenger updates, you will also receive PMs with order confirmation and tracking once your item ships.
Shipping: Shipping is added to the original total. There is no ‘second’ payment for shipping. What you pay is what you pay. PLEASE REMEMBER IF YOU ADD IN STOCK ITEMS, OR MORE THAN ONE PRE-ORDER, NOTHING WILL SHIP UNTIL EVERY ITEM HAS ARRIVED.
Returns: If you have an item with a defect, please let me know. Because these items are already marked down, they are sold "as is" - I will not refund or accept returns on pre-order items unless they are SEVERELY damaged and unable to be used such as missing snaps, missing stitching. Minor flaws such as print variation, uneven stitching, or uneven measurements will not be eligible for returns. All returns require a photo of the damage/defect.
To track pre-order links, status updates, etc: To track what you, personally, have ordered, please check your e-mail for confirmation emails or log in to your account (optional but highly recommended) to see your order history.
Any questions, please free free to tag me (Ket Doran) in a post, message our business page at or email us at