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About Us

The Fluffy Penguin Company is a small, mom-run business operating out of Ohio, with the goal of bringing you cute and affordable cloth diapers and accessories. Gone are the days of rubber pants and diaper pins! Today's cloth diapers are modern, affordable, easy to use, and adorable.

My name is Ket Doran, and I own the Fluffy Penguin company. I have over 9 years experience with cloth diapering with my 3 kids, and use my own products on my son every day. He's a great quality control tester!

Here at The Fluffy Penguin I provide both affordable items and 100% customer satisfaction, because I believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice one for the other. Want proof? Check out our reviews here on our Facebook page (does NOT require a Facebook login!).

I'm always available to answer questions or help you out with your cloth journey - just shoot me a message or email!

And don't forget to #buyallthediapers!

- Ket