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Alva Swim Diaper "Anchors and Things"

Please note that our diapers DO NOT include inserts unless specified in the description. See our collection of inserts here.

  • $ 650

Alva's line of swim diapers feature PUL outside layer and a mesh inner layer. Side hip snaps give a snug fit, while rise snaps on the front allow the diaper to be sized as small, medium, or large. 

Elastic around the waist allows for easy pull-up style access.

Alva swim diapers do NOT need inserts, they are not meant to be absorbent. They are only meant to catch poo. Alva swim diapers are washer and dryer safe. 

Size small is meant for smaller babies, under 1 year old. Size large is meant for older babies between 1 and 2 years old.


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