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Wetbags Galore!

Posted by Fluffy Penguin on

Wetbags, Pail Liners, and More!

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What CANT you use wetbags for? Snacks, clothes, sleeping bags, feminine products… there’s no end in sight!


Originally created to store dirty diapers awaiting wash day, wet bags have come a long way! Our customers have come up with so many new ways to use them!


Just this month we took, our annual family camping trip. I didn’t have anywhere to put the kids’ sleeping bags and didn’t want to leave them out to take up a lot of space in the trunk. I was able to pack both boys sleeping bags, 3 fleece throws, a queen and king fitted sheets and a king bed sheet, all in just one wet bag!

It was perfect! When getting ready to pack up, I kept all our swim clothes and towels in there, along with two of the fleece blankets that had gotten wet in the rain!


The travel wet bag is great to grab and go out and about during the day! As always, you can use it for diapers, but storing a beach towel, some googles, sun screen, etc. is perfect for a day at the pool! On the way home, toss in your wet clothes! 



The mini wet bags are wonderful to use for kids snacks going out and about!

 Tuck a pacifier, bib, disposable, lotion, and wipes and you’ve got a little emergency diaper kit!


Ladies can put a few days worth of menstruation products inside! Keep in your purse or car, or in your desk drawer at work!




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