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We're turning 4!

Posted by Fluffy Penguin on

Have you ever wondered how it all started? How did The Fluffy Penguin Company come to be? What was the driving force behind such a great, fun, and most of all SAFE company?

The answer is hilarious, and heartwarming!

Ket started this company because she needed some extra spending money for outings with her kiddos (who she fondly refers to as her "penguins") namely... fast food and cheeseburgers!

YES! We all have our vices and that one special thing we get to do and enjoy. For Ket, she liked taking her kiddos out for some burgers! As we all know, fast food isn't cheap food, and with little penguins, the funds just weren't there. So she wanted to do something to generate a little income, but she wanted to do it right. Safety is #1, she did not want to sell items that could hurt anyone, especially not sweet little babies and their tushies! 

She set out on a mission, to find reputable companies to work with who not only had great items of good quality, but who also cared to do proper testing to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

Check out the video below and see how we grew from a kitchen tabletop to the giant warehouse, referred to as "The Igloo" with a growing staff of devoted mama's here for you every step of your parenting journey.

 All Fluffy Penguin products are lead tested and follow CPSIA regulations.

So while it all might've started with burgers and fun, it continues to grow and evolve into this amazing company that sustains not only the penguin family, but also has a team of mamas working together for a common goal. Safe products, at great prices. 


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