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Let's take a closer look at one of our favorite items! Our exclusive pods were created IN HOUSE by our amazing team! Coming in a huge variety of designs, grab one or two today to take along for your summer plans! 

We have two pod sizes, regular and extended. You can see the difference below! Each size features a super cute design and looped ends so that you can attach them to whatever you need! They're made with two layers of PUL- so you're safe to use these with dirty diapers or wet clothes!



A customer favorite, pods are great to carry EVERYTHING from snacks to outfits to diapers to carriers! You can use pods to keep things contained in your bag, so they're not tossed around or lost! You can use them to switch from purse to purse, without having to dig thru and gather all your important stuff!

Let's take a look at each sized pod! 


The regular size pod is perfect for taking on the go. Going to the zoo? Throw some snacks in there! Need to run to the store? Grab a diaper & toss it in the pod! Heading out and can't decide on what makeup to wear later? Say no more! Grab a cute pod, toss your makeup in and go! 

I fit 5 outfits, 2 bibs, 2 pairs of socks, AND a muslin blanket into my pod! 



I'm on an all-in-one kick, so I packed 5 AIO's in there!


LOOK AT ALL THE MAKEUP! There was a TON in there, with more than enough room for more stuffs! *this is what happens when you get kids ready for a wedding and then realize you still need to make yourself presentable in the car!*


Both size pods fit snugly into our featured diaper bags too! I keep the smaller one at the opening on the bottom so I can get into it quick! 



The extended pod is SO roomy! I fit not one but TWO baby carrying devices in there! I put a wrap, a carrier, and several outfits in this one pod! My wrap is a size 5, which means LOTS of fabric, and it fits so easily into the extended pod and leaves plenty of room for other necessities. 



Look at this beautiful print! It's so pretty and fitting for summer fun!


We know our pods are a customer favorite, have you created any pod hacks? What's your inventive way to use pods? Share below!


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