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Pocket VS Cover, which is right for you?

Posted by Fluffy Penguin on

Pocket diapers and diaper covers are very similar- but their uses are very different! Let's take a look at the differences between the two, and how they differ when in use!




Pockets and covers come in all kinds of beautiful designs! We have themes, activities, holidays, foods the list goes on and on! Prints will either be placement specific, or a random pattern. They both are shaped the same, the only difference is the pocket's pouch!



A pocket is just like what it sounds like, it has a pouch you place your inserts inside to absorb liquid. You can stuff any combination of inserts that you need, if it's nap or bed time, you will want more absorbency, so you can add another insert or two for good coverage. If it's day time, you can stuff fewer inserts in, and change as often as you need to.

A cover does not have the pouch, the inserts you use will lay right against baby's skin. Be sure to NEVER use microfiber directly against baby's skin- as it is TOO good at it's job, and can dry baby's sensitive skin out. You can also put a cover over a disposable, which will not only look adorable, but also helps contain the mess!


Diaper Changes

Covers are easy to clean up, and can be used for wet diapers as much as you'd like! Simply open the cover, toss your wet inserts into your wetbag, dry out the inside and grab some clean inserts! Place the diaper back on baby, and you're good to go! Once there is a solid diaper, you want to discard and grab a new cute print.

Pockets need to be replaced after each use, as you don't want to continually place the wet fabric against baby's skin. Be sure to remove the inserts from the pocket, before putting them away in your wetbag. This makes it easier than having to dig thru each diaper and remove them on wash day! Grab a new cute print and inserts!



Pockets and diapers clean up super easy, just toss in with your regular diaper laundry. Air drying them works great, but because of that fabric lining, a pocket will  need some extra dry time. Both can be put in the dryer too!



Depending on your caregivers experience with cloth, it might be easier for them to use pocket diapers over covers. You're able to stuff pockets ahead of time, with whatever level of absorbency baby needs, and it's as easy as putting on a disposable diaper- with snaps instead of course! 


I suggest giving them both a try, grab a couple of each and see which system works best for your needs!


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