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Piggies Painted with Piggy Paint!

Posted by Fluffy Penguin on

Piggy Paint nail polish really IS worth the hype! From the adorable bottle with the cutie little pig, to the sparkles and shine each coat gives! The BEST part, (according to my partner!) is the smell... hint hint... there isn't one! Tons of fun colors just restocked at The Fluffy Penguin Company!

My kids LOVE decorating their nails, and I love spending quiet one-on-one time where we get to just talk and relax together. They tend to like loud colors, and they love finding ways to express themselves, but they do NOT like holding still for more than a couple minutes at a time. If they're not moving, they're not happy!

Piggy Paint glides on your nails and the coverage is SO good you really have to do a double-take. The green covered these little piggies in just ONE coat! 


The pink takes two coats to get a nice pop of pink, but if you like a subtle shade one coat will do you fine. 



I also use the Top Coat for an extra bit of shine, which adds strength and really helps to bring out the glitter and sparkles in each color! The top finger has the top coat, middle is split down the middle, and bottom has none! You see how beautiful the matte is, but the shiny top coat makes the color totally different! So adorable!


Rest assured, Piggy Paint is non-toxic, eco-friendly, odorless, and hypoallergenic! The polish dried quickly too, which means more time for video games! 


 Take a look at all the color options here! 

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